Liner Care & Maintenance

Pool Liner Care & Maintenance in Buffalo, NY

If you want to avoid liner repairs and premature replacement, the best thing you can do is properly care for your liner. We’ve assembled 5 handy tips that will help your liner preserve its looks and function for many years to come.
Inground Pool Liner Replacement Buffalo, NY

Five Steps to Proper Liner Care

1. Make sure you keep your water chemistry in the proper range and check it once a week.
a. The ideal is pH is 7.2 to 7.6. If the pH is less than 7.0, the liner may start to wrinkle.
b. Try not to use hydrochloric (muriatic) acid to adjust your pool’s pH. This acid can attack your liner’s print pattern. 
c. Total alkalinity should be between 800 ppm – 100 ppm.
d. Calcium hardness should be at 200 ppm.
e. Maintain your free chlorine residual between 1.0 and 1.5 ppm. At a chlorine residual of less than 1.0 ppm, algae and bacteria may start to grow. This can cause staining to your liner.
f. Regularly test your water to ensure there are no dissolved metals. Dissolved metals can stain the liner or combine with calcium hardness to form deposits. You can inactivate any dissolved metals using a chelating agent.
g. Never mix chemicals, and don’t add multiple chemicals to the pool at the same time. Chemical combinations can be dangerous, and combined chemicals can have an adverse effect on your liner that single chemicals wouldn’t. Always let a chemical disperse throughout the pool via water circulation before you add a second chemical.
h. Use a 7-way test strip.

2. Use only a non-abrasive vinyl cleaner to clean above the water line. Our approved cleaners will not remove your liner’s UV protective coating.

3. Use only equipment that has been approved for vinyl liners. Before you use your equipment, check it to make sure that there are no sharp edges or broken pieces that could cut the liner. You should also make sure that your vacuum bristles are the proper length, not too short.

4. Make sure your testing kit is not expired before you check your water’s chemistry.

5. Maintain the proper pool water level at all times, especially during the spring and fall, when the water table is higher. Do not drain your pool except to winterize it, and do not let the level drop more than 6 inches. When you take off the winter cover, always refill the pool.
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